Monday, December 9, 2013

There Are 4.8 billion Reasons Why Almond Growers Should Spend Time in Firebaugh

Everyone’s familiar with the phrase “time is money.”

In ag country, time is a precious commodity with farmers who would rather spend time outdoors than sit indoors at a meeting.

Sometimes, though, attending a meeting is worth the investment in time. It can make a lot of dollars and cents at harvest time – like $4.8 billion if you’re in the almond industry.

Well this week San Joaquin Valley almond growers will have that opportunity to spend a couple hours indoors at a field day learning valuable tips and information from some of the state’s almond experts. Whether you’re a long-time almond grower or a newbie, you’re sure to pick up some valuable nuggets of information about pest and disease management in the orchard.

Here’s what one grower said after attending one of these field days:  “These meetings are really needed to help us learn to farm almonds better.”

What’s the catch? Growers just need to give up part of their morning. Better yet, it doesn’t cost a cent to attend this field day, which is scheduled from 10 a.m. to noon on Thursday at the Firebaugh Community Center, 1655 13th Street in Firebaugh.  Learn more about the field day at

So what’s the agenda?

Farm advisor David Doll, left, talks at an almond field day.
For starters, you’ll get a valuable dose of information from the Almond Doctor, also known as David Doll of Merced County UC Cooperative Extension. David is a highly regarded pomology farm advisor specializing in almonds. He brings his expertise to cover practices for pest and disease management during the dormant season. Then there is UC Integrated Pest Management advisor Kris Tollerup, who will talk about spider mite management and treatment decisions for the pest.

Drip irrigation for almonds will be covered.
Like we discussed last week, water remains a very top-of-mind issue with farmers. Everyone is worrying about some forecasters predicting another dry winter. We all know skimpy water supplies could affect almond quality and yields and the future vitality of the orchard itself.

 For the first time, the field day will feature a representative from California Eurodrip USA who will discuss irrigation management.

 You can’t beat free advice from farm experts. It should be time well spent to ensure continued success in producing California’s top export crop.

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