Monday, October 29, 2018

Cotton Tour de Force II

The Cotton Farm Tour offered lots of photo opportunities.

Here are snapshots from the Silver Creek Gin in Firebaugh during last Thursday's tour.
Gin manager Greg Gillard gets ready to lead a tour of the gin.
Diagram describes the cotton ginning process.

Sporting hard hats, ear plugs and safety goggles for the gin tour.

Inspecting cotton fiber going through the dryers.

Getting that Kodak moment inside the gin.

Capturing the cotton bale press in action.

Flat beds loaded with ginned cotton bales ready for storage.

Plastic wrapped bale coming off the conveyor belt outside.
Questions after the gin tour.

Getting a handful of freshly ginned cotton.
A mound of cotton seed outside the gin.

Thank you 2018 Cotton Farm Tour participants. - Photos by Gilbert Mohtes-Chan